Chat with Chang: Chinese CBE 101 – Credit By Exam Notes

Chat with Chang: Chinese CBE 101

-CBE1 and CBE2 are offered to our current 6th and 7th graders who are in the advanced immersion group (discouraged for beginning immersion students)

-Passing Score: 80

-High school credit courses that can be earned at MIMS are: Chinese 1, Chinese 2, Chinese 3, and Chinese 4

-High school credits earned in middle school will NOT be included in the GPA calculation in high schools.

-Our Chinese 1 course is harder than the Chinese 1 course offered in high schools.

-Students have the option to take a non-high school credit course, Mandarin Reading, after passing CBE.

-Descriptions of each 1) components of CBE and samples for 2) CBE1-Test Sample, and 3) CBE2-Test Sample.

If your child is interested in taking CBE, please submit the registration form by 4/11/19 4:30pm to the school.  CBE Registration form 6th and 7th Grade