Spirit Night: Mendocino Farms

The Spirit Night for Mendocino Farms (Uptown Park location only) is coming up on Jan. 27. For those who don’ know yet, the way it works is that you go eat at the restaurant (maybe even a big group of MIMS friends?!) and the restaurant donates part of what you spend to MIMS PTO for our kids.

Two important things to know about the Spirit Night at Mendocino Farms:

  • We get 50% of what you spend. That’s a BIG deal – most places only give 20%.
  • You have to bring a flyer with you and give it to them. The flyer is attached here AND it’s going home in Tuesday folders.

Do this now: mark your calendar for Jan. 27 and download and print this flyer: Mendocino Farms Spirit Night for Mandarin Immersion School