School Supplies: Order now for fall 2020

You can now buy school supply packs online for the 2020-2021 school year. Deadline: July 1.

TL:DR Buy your school supplies for 2020 directly from our new vendor by the July 1 deadline. Just like buying online at (imagine the site of your choice here), but all the selecting and searching is done for you. Everything else they sell on the way to checkout is just generic add-on items and not MIMS-sponsored. Don’t want to order online? Supply lists are here too.

Order school supply packsSchool supplies available now through July 1

There will be a first day of school in the fall, even if we don’t know what everything will look like. In the meantime, we want to help you avoid shopping and worrying about supplies. You can buy the exact supplies our awesome teachers need for their classrooms (without going to 20 stores….)  by ordering the pack.

We are using a different company this year and all purchases must be made on their site. It will not be made available on the MIMS online store (which also means that there will be no packs available if you forget to purchase before the deadline).

As in previous years, this service is not a fundraiser for PTO or the school. This service just allows you to skip the store and get exactly what your teachers need delivered to the school.

Supplies will be available for purchase until July 1, 2020. Remember to purchase the pack  for the grade your child will enter in fall 2020.

Also remember to include your child’s full name (no nicknames) when ordering.

School Supply Lists

If you prefer not to buy your items online, the school supply lists are also available here at the PTO site

About the merchandise at the school supplies store

The t-shirts and backpacks offered by this vendor have nothing to do with our school. They are a generic add-on item. If you choose to purchase these items, please note that they will not be considered MIMS wear. They will be classified as free dress. Buyer beware.

If you have questions about this year’s school supply ordering, start with the vendor at the links above and if you have MIMS-specific questions they cannot answer, send an email to