Introducing your 2020-2021 PTO Board Members

We had 194 PTO Members vote for the MIMS 2020-2021 PTO Board.  Thanks so much to those who participated.

Presenting your new MIMS PTO Board

  • President:  Kelly Opot
  • Vice President Elementary:  Felicia Ziegler
  • Vice President Middle School:  Caroline Long
  • Parliamentarian:  Eboni Butler
  • Secretary:  Libby Ingrassia
  • Historian:  Janine McClenny
  • Treasurer:  Jose Gonzalez
  • Corporate Fundraising:  Shavaun Rose
  • Community Fundraising:  Kris O’Brien
  • Chinese New Year Chair:  Nick Palmer
  • SDMC Representative:  Matthew Yang

Congratulations to our new Board members!!!!!  We appreciate all of you who ran.  Volunteering doesn’t just stop here; many of you checked off committees that you’d like to be involved in.  You will be contacted soon by someone on the Board.  Also, remember that anyone can attend SDMC meetings and we encourage you to do so.  Our Reps are our Liaisons, but your voice makes a difference too!