Giving Thanks, Giving Pies!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! We would like to take this opportunity to show our thanks to all the hardworking teachers and staff at MIMS, who help create such a nurturing learning environment for our children even during this pandemic.

To make things simple and safe for the obvious reasons, we are asking parents to only make money donations. The fund will be used to buy delicious pies for the upcoming holiday.

Our sign-up genius includes a list of all the teachers and staff in MIMS. Our goal is to give a pie to everyone. and to include at least one note of thanks with each pie.

Step 1: Use the Sign-up genius to ensure that we cover at least one pie and one note for each staff member.

Step 2: To donate for your pie, use the direct link for our $15 fixed amount. Then either drop a hand-written note at the school or email to with the subject link: Giving Thanks, Giving Pies and include the name of your teacher or staff member. We’ll print out the emails and get them to the staff with the pies next week.

Step 3: Please consider making a donation! We have a fixed amount of $15 and all money will be used for pies or other teacher appreciation efforts. You can donate to more than one name at a time!