Get your 20-21 yearbook

This year’s yearbook is being produced by Mr. Gonzales and a team of students. Here are your steps to take and where to get more information.

Buy an ad online by Jan. 17.

You can buy an ad to support your student for various sizes (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, full) and various prices.

Upload photos by March 12.

Got some great photos of your students and their friends at school-related activities? Have pictures of your virtual learning setup? Share them today – we consider all photos you submit for inclusion in the yearbook! You can upload them online or get the app for Apple or Android.

Our school’s project number is 021844.

Buy a book online by May 1.

Books will be sold online in the Balfour store for $37.

Still looking for 2019-2020 yearbook? Get more information on the Yearbook page.