It’s your turn: Join the PTO Board

We Want YOU!

And we need you. Nominations are now open for the 2022-2023 PTO Board roles and for the SDMC Parent Representative.

We encourage you to run for any and all roles – most of the current board members are all planning to step down to give new folks a chance. Oh, you’ll see them on committees and supporting our kids and teachers in other ways, but the following roles are all open for you to take a chance.

  • President
  • Elementary School Vice President
  • Middle School Vice President
  • ¬†Secretary
  • Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer Elect
  • Community Fundraiser
  • Corporate Fundraiser
  • Festivals Director
  • Parent Outreach Director
  • Communications Director
  • SDMC Parent Representative

While we do have a few folks raising their hands for some roles, we want to hear from you. Who has great ideas? Who has experience? Who’s been at the school since it started? Who’s new and energetic?

The nominating committee wants to hear from all of you! The nominating committee includes Jack Hulland, Matthew Yang, Eboni Butler. The new bylaws ask us to present a slate of candidates at the April PTO Meeting. At that time, we will also take nominations from the floor at the meeting. Send your interest, questions, bios, and anything else to the nominating committee.

Want details on these roles? Check the new bylaws for the official details and then stay tuned here and on LivingTree as your current board talks about the roles we are hoping to share with you. See below for my experiences as PTO President – next year, I’ll be around to support the PTO and new board as the Immediate Past President and advisor.

PTO President

The PTO president sets the priorities for their board. By working with the board and administration to create an annual budget and calendar, the president determines what the board spends their time and energy focused on. As part of this primary responsibility, the president coordinates the meetings and activities of the board, and presides over and sets the agenda for both the board and general meetings. Any committee chairs that do not liaise with other board members report to the president – each board member liaises with one or two committees and supports their work directly.

In addition, the president is the primary liaison to the school administration, working with our principal directly to support the needs of the school and teachers. The president leads and supports all activities of the PTO board by taking an active volunteer role at meetings, events, and tasks, and is expected to participate in a volunteer role at PTO-led school activities. Most weeks, I spend between 5-10 hours on PTO work. More when it’s CNY or another busy time; less other weeks.

Is it a big job? Yes, of course. But you are not alone! You will have an entire board and committees to rely on, including the immediate past president to ensure historical knowledge and a good transition.

If you’re good at delegating, listening, asking the right questions, and making a strong plan, you could make a good president. Do you have an idea of what you think the school needs? What you’d like to see happen? Are you good at supporting your team, removing their obstacles, and leading with your work and energy?¬† Then you could be a great president.

The president is a voting member of the PTO board.

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