Winter Wonderland Fun Run is coming!

It’s Boosterthon time! That’s our second largest fundraiser of the year. This year, our goal is to raise about $50k total – enough to pay the event’s expenses and to put $35k toward raising enough for a new floor for our gym. 
Our Winter Wonderland Fun runs are scheduled for December 2 and it’s TIME to register your kiddos for fundraising & prizes. If every student raises just $50, we will make our key goal of $35,000. That goal will get us about halfway to buying the new gym floor that our school needs.
Please take 5 minutes to register on, upload your kid’s photo, and share a link and/or video through your social media or email. If your kids were at MIMS the last time, it’s SUPER easy because it remembers who donated to them previously.
Right now we have not quite 10% of our students registered – let’s move that needle and get the kids registered to run and win! Please register to make them eligible for prizes and to help our school raise the funds for our new gym floor.
Go to today – we can do SO MUCH BETTER than 10% of our families supporting our school.

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