MIMS PTO Board Elections 23-24

Nominees for 2023-2024 PTO Board

MIMS PTO Board Elections are coming in April for the 2023-2024 school year.

The nominating committee has been actively recruiting nominees and potential committee chairs since February. If you are interested in running for a role, we WELCOME your interest! You can review the bylaws and these posts from the past to learn more about the roles available. We’d love to see multiple nominees for each role and a full slate of potential committee chairs.

Nominees include:

  • President: Quynh Vora
  • VP – Elementary: Amonee Haley
  • VP – Middle: Emily Shaffer
  • Secretary: Kimberly Eng Tran
  • Treasurer-Elect/Assistant Treasurer: Kennisha Firstley
  • Corporate Fundraising: Abraham Chu
  • Community Fundraising: Eric Chiang
  • Communications: Janine McClenny, Cris Stennett
  • Festivals: Lannessa Moshay and Amanda Tan
  • Family Outreach: Cedar Yu

Appointed Roles

Two positions are appointed based on previous roles:

  • Immediate Past President: Libby Ingrassia
  • Treasurer: Hattie Meng

SDMC Parent Representatives

In addition, PTO selects our parent representatives via election run concurrently with the PTO Board election. The two SDMC Parent Representatives each serve two years, with one being eligible for election each year.

  • SDMC Parent Representative: Frank Lin, Matthew Yang, Ming Liu


We will be sharing candidate bios and their statements about what they hope to accomplish over the next week. At the April 6th PTO meeting (12 noon, via zoom), the candidates will introduce themselves. The nominating committee will accept any additional nominations from the floor – any PTO member may nominate themselves or another PTO member for any role at the meeting and for 24 hours thereafter (nominations will be accepted through 2 pm on 7 April).

Elections will be held the week of April 10th, online. Look for the ballot to be sent to all PTO members via Bloomz