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2019-2020 Sociables

One of the ways we raise money for our school is through sociables and auction items.

A sociable is an event hosted by MIMS parents, teachers, and/or staff. The hosts decide on a theme, place, time, maximum number of attendees, and the price for attending their event. The hosts bear the responsibility for the cost of the event and all of the proceeds go directly to MIMS. Events can be for families, adults, kids, and/or both. It’s a fun way to get to know other parents and teachers at MIMS while raising much needed funds for our school.
How does the auction work? Our regular auction items will go to the highest bidder. For our sociable items, each bidder will pay a fixed price for attending an event. The number of attendees can vary per sociable – it is capped by the hosts and first come, first served.

Get more information on 2019-2020 Sociables!

Use the forms to sign up to host a sociable or donate an auction item – sign up by September 27 to host or donate an item.

You can sign up to attend a sociable or participate in the auction at our Fall Festival, on Friday, October 11.