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CNY 2021 Instructions

春节快乐 来自MIMS PTO

Happy Chinese New Year from the MIMS PTO

CNY 2021 Sticker

In your bag you will find the following:

  1. Chinese Lantern Making SuppliesInstructions:

    1. Paper
    2. Gold Ric Rac
    3. Glitter Glue
  2. Feng Shui 3 Chinese Coins Wall Hanger Supplies

    1. Red Cord
    2. 3 CoinsInstructions:

      For more challenge tie a lucky knot above the coins:


  3. Dragon Mask Coloring Sheet
  4. Lucky Scratcher Card
  5. Lucky Chocolates
  6. MIMS PTO CNY Sticker
  7. Chinese YoYo
  8. Free Raffle Ticket!