Breakfast & Lunch

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What can my child eat for lunch? 

Students can bring their own lunches or get the hot lunch provided by the district. Lunch prices are $2.25 at full price, $.40 at reduced price, or free (for qualifying students).

If you pack your child’s lunch, please…

  • Packaging – Make sure your little one can open all the packaging. Cut “starter slits” on plastic packaging if needed.
  • Water – Pack a water bottle (one that your child can use independently, e.g. BellyWashers). To create a safer environment, students will not be given free access to water fountains during lunch. (SDMC-approved on August 16, 2013.)
  • No microwaving – Do not include anything that requires reheating. Again, for student safety reasons, supervising staff cannot help with microwaving. (SDMC-approved on August 16, 2013.)
    Please help us reinforce the following expectations to make SURE we have a safe environment:
    Stay in your seat
    Use an “inside” voice
    Raise your hand if you need help
    Enjoy your food (by eating it, not throwing it)

Can I visit my child during lunch? 

Yes. Visitors are allowed at lunchtime on Fridays and on their child’s birthday (and they do not need to be VIPS-approved). Visitors will sit with their children at a separate visitors table. Visitors may not invite classmates to eat with their children.