Drop off & Pick up

When should my child arrive?

By 7:45, at the latest. Mr. Chang will start Morning Assembly at 7:35. He will be teaching 4- character phrases and other parts of Chinese culture that will be important when your children eventually take the AP Chinese test, so we encourage all who can attend to do so. Teachers will start taking students to classrooms to start instruction at 7:45.


What is the earliest my child can arrive?

7:15. Before 7:15 gates may be locked and there will be no staff supervision.

How do I drop off my child?

All: At the teacher Meet and Greet (August 19, 1:00-5:00 pm), you will receive a nametag sticker for your child. Please put this sticker on your child on the morning of the first day of school so that it is clearly visible. On this sticker, please write:

Bus: For children who take the bus, please make sure you have received their bus information card in the mail. They were sent snail mail by HISD on Monday, Aug. 17. It will give your child’s bus stop location and times. If you do not know your child’s bus information please call the HISD Transportation Department at 713-613-3040. New bus rosters will be updated on August 31st. Please plan to be at the bus stop early as bus routes have a tendency to be unpredictable in the beginning of the year.

Parent drop-off: There are two options—car drop-off or park-and-walk. Parking spaces are limited and our neighbors can be unhappy with the level of congestion, so please consider using auto drop- off as soon as you feel comfortable.

Car drop-off: Enter the Feld Park lot using the North entrance (it is one-way). Drop off using the far right lane.MCLIMSDropOff

Park-and-walk: Parking options

  • Limited parking on the South side of the Feld Park lot (please enter using North entrance)
  • Avenue B against Feld Park
  • Reidential side-streets (as permitted)
  • All walkers should enter the school using the gates that face the Feld Park lot
  • Please bring your child to the front doors of the school (where the front office is )

Where do I say goodbye to my child?

Outside the front doors, where we will designate a “Student Goodbye and Parent Recovery Area”. Please take your child to the front doors, where a friendly staff member will read your child’s nametag sticker and take him or her to the correct location in the cafeteria. If you anticipate needing some time to reassure your child, please plan to arrive earlier so that he or she can enter our school doors by 7:45.

We do not have space in the cafeteria for parents to enter in the morning.

How do I pick up my child at the end of the school day?

3:30 Parent Pickup: If your child is not riding the bus or participating in the After School Program, he or she will be picked up from the cafeteria. We have designed our dismissal procedure with student safety as the top priority. For the protection of all students, please familiarize yourself with these procedures.

  • Parents/caregivers picking up children will wait in lines outside the exterior cafeteria doors (Pre-K-1st grade – South doors, 2nd-5th grade North doors)
  • Parents or other caregivers must have the student’s official MCLIMS pickup pass, which will be distributed at Meet-the-Teacher Night. If you do not have one, you will go to the front desk to get one before picking up your child.
  • At 3:30, a staff member will collect the pickup passes from waiting parents then start dismissing students to join their parents outside the cafeteria.

What if I need someone else to pick up my child? (Or if I need to change other transportation arrangements?)

To ensure student safety, you will need to fill out an orange slip in the front desk, which indicates what change you are requesting and for how long. If you cannot come in to the school you must send a LivingTree “direct message” or email to BOTH Ms. Rivas (MRIVAS2@houstonisd.org) AND (Ms. Zamora AZAMORA3@houstonisd.org). If you email, for security reasons, please use the same email address that is on your registration form.