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PTO Executive Board

PTO Executive Board Members (2020-2021)

These members of the PTO Executive Board are defined by the MIMS PTO bylaws and elected annually.

President: Kelly Opot

Vice President : Middle School: Caroline Long

Vice President : Elementary School: Felicia Ziegler

Treasurer: Jose Gonzalez

Secretary: Libby Ingrassia

Community Fundraising: Kris O’Brien

Corporate Fundraising: Shavaun Rose

Parliamentarian: Eboni Butler

Historian: Janine McClenny

Chinese New Year Event Director: Nick Palmer

PTO Budget & Financial Forms

You’ll find the twice-yearly treasurer’s and budget reports here, as well as any forms you need for taxes and reimbursement. Budget updates Budget update January 2021 October 2020 – Budget for 2020-2021, Actuals for 2019-2020 June 2019-2020 Nov. 5, 2019: MIMS PTO Budget 19-20 9.15.14 Treasurer’s Report Profit and Loss 9.15.14 Treasurer’s Report Balance Sheet …

PTO Election Timeline

20-21 nominations timeline Due to the unusual situation for the 20-21 school year, the PTO board elections timeline will run as shown below. February – August Nominations open through 11 September. Send nominations to Call for nominations made via website post, administration contact, grade-level Facebook pages. August PTO General meeting to provide additional call …

PTO Meeting Agendas

PTO Meeting Agendas: 2020-2021 School Year 12 Feb 2021 PTO General Meeting Agenda Jan 15, 2021 PTO General Meeting Agenda Nov 13 MIMS PTO General Meeting Agenda Oct 16 MIMS PTO General Meeting Agenda UPDATED: Sept 18 MIMS PTO Genera Meeting Agenda UPDATED: Aug 21, 2020 General Meeting  PTO Meeting Agendas: 2019 – 2020 School …

PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO General and Board Meeting Minutes will be shared with PTO members here. Minutes should be considered a draft until approved at the following meeting. 2020-2021 January PTO general meeting minutes note: Financial report and budget mentioned in the meeting can be found on the Budget/treasurer’s report page December PTO general meeting minutes November PTO …

PTO Bylaws

MIMS PTO Bylaws You can read and download the MIMS PTO BYLAWS – Updated 02/07/2020