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What Does the PTO Fund?

Below is a partial list of the items/services purchased and events supported in previous years with PTO donations and fundraising proceeds:

School requests

  • playground shade covers
  • carpets
  • bookcases, library supplies
  • art supplies
  • classroom supplies from paper to science lab consumables
  • Chinese books
  • educational software
  • iPads, iPad cases
  • Chromebooks
  • charging stations
  • headphones
  • PE equipment
  • trophy cases

Chinese New Year Festival

  • rentals for audio system/stage/tables/chairs
  • decorations
  • craft/education/game booths and bounce houses & displays
  • signage
  • printing
  • hospitality room to sustain key festival staff, core volunteers, and guest dancers
  • Lion Dancers
  • security

PTO maintenance and administration

  • bank fees
  • taxes
  • insurance
  • Quickbooks
  • Godaddy domain renewal
  • Digital PTO website support
  • Qtego for fundraising

Mid Autumn Festival, other festivals, and events

  • food, decorations, and other supplies for festivals
  • Family night
  • International festival
  • Boosterthon
  • end of year party
  • field trips
  • teacher appreciation
  • capital for fundraisers known to give a positive income stream such as the CNY festival

For more detailed information, please see the Treasurer’s Report at the PTO general meetings and those posted on the PTO website.

If you would like to help ensure the PTO money is well spent the best way is to volunteer for key decision making roles, such as festival project managers, coordinators, and the PTO board.  The PTO is always in need of volunteers to run more efficiently.

 Below are just some of the items the PTO has purchased for the school.


Lion dance 2020