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MIMS Resources

Quizlet and Better Chinese are the two most-used resources that MIMS teachers use for teaching Chinese. We’ll post other digital resources as they become available.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a free study tool available via online and mobile applications. MIMS teachers use Quizlet to help students practice reading and speaking Chinese. Students can practice Chinese through use of games, flashcards, practice quizzes, and more.

How to Use Quizlet?

Access to Quizlet is by browser or via Quizlet application on your tablet or smartphone. Please note that some of the functions are limited on the tablet and smartphone application. See more at the MIMS Student Resources page.

What is Better Chinese?

Better Chinese is the curriculum that MIMS uses to teach Chinese. The Chinese vocabulary lists your child uses to study come from here and are also available for you to review online.  Your child’s teacher(s) will share login and access information for Better Chinese.

High Frequency Words (HFW)

Each year, students have a list of frequently used Chinese words to learn. Tests to confirm mastery are typically given 3-4 times per year. List of Chinese HFW can be found here for writing practice. These words will also be part of what’s taught in Better Chinese and on Quizlet.

HISD Resources

HISD digital learning resources
How to check Homeroom teacher
  1. Log into HUB:
  2. Click “Courses”
  3. Look for letters HMR = Homeroom

Fun Resources

Here are a few fun videos many MIMS families enjoy with their children. if you use Netflix, you can also select many shows to play in Chinese under the Language and Captioning.