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Parent Center Room Reservations

HISD policy requires that all organizations who meet on HISD campuses need to be either school affiliated or have a teacher sponsor.  Please make sure that your organization or club meets these guidelines before making reservations for the Parent Room at MCLIMS.

Parent Room Reservation Instructions


1. Make sure you are school affiliated and/or have a teacher sponsor.

2. Log into Livingtree. Click on the Calendar icon on top.  Use the Livingtree (LT) Calendar to make your reservation.

3. In the fields called…

What– write your organization’s name

Who– choose to share your event notification with the “PTO Membership”  (It is necessary to pick PTO Membership so everyone can use the LT calendar to make sure they don’t double book the Parent Center.)

When– enter the time period that you will be needing the room

Where– write the name “Parent Center Room”

Description– write your full name and/or phone number/private email so in case of reservation conflict you can be reached.